One account for unbelievable 5 devices

2000+ US/CAN/Latino/UK Live TV channels,

5 connections supporting all popular streaming devices.

Reviewed as the #1 cable-free live TV service for years

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Why choose Hive IPTV?

2000+ US/CAN/Latino/UK channels

including 500+ USA&Canada Local News one, brings you the top of the line live content. Designed for USA/CAN entertainment .

One account allows 5 connections at same time

Watch on TV,PC or Mobile at home, work or on the way, No IP lock, allows simultaneous 4 views from 2 locations

Premium Sport Packages,PPV Events

Top quality premium sport packages brings you all American games and matches, as well as worldwide PPV events

Supports all popular devices, Fire TV/iOS..

streaming devices including fire TV/google TV/apple TV/iPad/iPhone/Smartphone/Samsung SmartTV/ android TV box…

Hassle-free web player available

instantly watch on web browser of Safari/Chrome/Firefox/Edge, No app needed, just account login.Watch any time anywhere

XXX channels optional with parental control

come as default content, user can set up parent control pin easily to protect. Also can be removed completely upon request.

US/CAN Live Channels

Max simultaneous connections


Guaranteed uptime


2000+ USA/CAN/Latino Live Channels


Hive TV  has something for everyone. Your family and friends everybody would love it the same.our lineup Includes all your favorite channels with local news, live sports, weather, entertainment, PPV, Game Passes and more on the streaming APP

Order Hive TV Now! Start to enjoy the most reliable cable-free live TV service

*5 connections from 3 IPs simultaneously

*Auto billing until cancelled

*No-question-ask cancellation anytime

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Hive TV Supports all popular streaming platform/device/app.

Dedicated designed app and detailed guide all make installation and login so easily, also outstanding support agent is always there for help, just open a ticket for troubleshooting.

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What People Are Saying

My wife and I haven’t had cable for years, so being able to watch new seasons of TV shows live is awesome for such a low cost compared to cable companies.Really happy with Hive TV by now.

Adeline West

I’ve only had the service for a couple of weeks but I’m very happy with it. I’ve tried a few different IPTV services and this one works very well. If your looking for IPTV service for fire stick, this is the one, So worth the $15 and I get my local channels as well.

Rachel Graham

My savings were around one thousand a year. It was a deal no one else could beat for the it as the best streaming service I ever tried, It is a great one.

Theresa Reeves

Got it, love it, going to keep it. Thanks guys, you have given me all my favorite channels for a low price. it is terrific, I have already recommended to some of my friends, they are happy too.


Ada Leonard